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ABA’s Birding News: How Does This Work?

If you’re accustomed to reading your favorite birding e-mail lists on Jack Siler’s Birdingonthe.Net, you’ll probably be able to find your way around ABA’s Birding News easily. We’ve worked hard to preserve the many great features of Jack’s well-loved site.

But you’ll also see that some things are new. Instead of only the most recent 20 posts or so, you’ll find messages going back 30 days. So it’s easy to follow discussions and threads back much farther.

Even better, all the birding news here is now searchable. Want to find out where trogons have been seen (or discussed) lately? Type trogon into the search field. Boom!

Or maybe you want to see if anyone in Florida is talking about Red-cockaded Woodpeckers. Pull down the Florida list you want to search, then type in Red-cockaded Woodpeckers. Again, boom! Gyrfalcons in Manitoba? Just as easy.

You’ll also find that each list is now searchable by ABA Codes. So you can easily filter each list to show only rarities, mega-rarities, or more common species.

We’re also working on incorporating the powers of newer social media into a time-tested system of birder information sharing. If there’s a post on one of your favorite lists that you think deserves wider attention, just hit the Twitter icon. Add a few words to tell us all why it’s interesting and it all gets automatically posted to the red “What’s Hot” feed in the right column of

These are only a few of the features you’ll find in this new site. We’re very excited to see how the birding community will make use of it. We’ll also be rolling out new features and enhancements. These will in large part be guided by your input and feedback. Like so much of our digital world, what Birding News becomes will depend on our user community. So do stay in touch.

Also, please consider joining the American Birding Association. In addition to a wonderful suite of member benefits, you’ll be supporting projects and programs like this one, that aim to make birding better for all.

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