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ABA's Birding News >> CA - Sierra Nevada

CA - Sierra Nevada bird news by date

Updated on October 22, 2014, 11:45 pm  |  View page in digest format ("Siler-style")

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22 Oct: @ 23:34:15  Surf Scoter and Swamp Sparrow, Upper Truckee Marsh [Scott Dietrich [sierra-nevadabirds]]
21 Oct: @ 22:45:18  Clay-colored Sparrow, Upper Truckee Marsh [Scott Dietrich [sierra-nevadabirds]]
19 Oct: @ 23:43:12  Thayer's Gull, Taylor Creek (Lake Tahoe) [Scott Dietrich [sierra-nevadabirds]]
13 Oct: @ 00:08:04  Surf Scoter- Eagle Lake [David Arsenault [sierra-nevadabirds]]
08 Oct: @ 01:07:38  Greater White Fronted Goose- Alpine Cty [Bill Frey [sierra-nevadabirds]]
07 Oct: @ 20:25:15  White-throated Sparrow (Tahoe City) [Scott Dietrich [sierra-nevadabirds]]
05 Oct: @ 20:46:39  Sierra Valley Raptors [ [sierra-nevadabirds]]
01 Oct: @ 14:01:49  Re: Update: Auburn Area Turkey Vulture Migration (PLA) [Deren Ross [sierra-nevadabirds]]
01 Oct: @ 14:01:42  Update: Auburn Area Turkey Vulture Migration (PLA) [ [sierra-nevadabirds]]
23 Sep: @ 19:02:16  Kern River Valley Am. Redstart [Bob Barnes [sierra-nevadabirds]]
22 Sep: @ 20:33:02  arctic tern in Alpine County [John Sterling [sierra-nevadabirds]]
21 Sep: @ 22:30:30  Great Gray Owl 9-21 [Thomas Slater [sierra-nevadabirds]]
20 Sep: @ 18:14:30  Auburn Area Turkey Vulture Migration ( PLA ) [ [sierra-nevadabirds]]
19 Sep: @ 18:51:10  Red-necked Grebe, Herring Gull, Parasitic Jaeger- Lake Almanor [David Arsenault [sierra-nevadabirds]]
19 Sep: @ 01:10:24  Thursday morning at Lake Forest area - 5 Sabine's Gulls, 28 Common Terns [Bruce Webb [sierra-nevadabirds]]
19 Sep: @ 00:00:09  Lesser Yellowlegs, Whimbrel, Short-billed Dowitcher (Upper Truckee Marsh) [Scott Dietrich [sierra-nevadabirds]]
17 Sep: @ 16:09:13  Sabine's Gull (Lake Forest) [Scott Dietrich [sierra-nevadabirds]]
17 Sep: @ 12:22:13  Stampede Res. birds [John Sterling [sierra-nevadabirds]]





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