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Laysan Albatross (2)Phoebastria immutabilis

Spruce Grouse (2)Falcipennis canadensis

Iceland Gull (2)Larus glaucoides

Great Gray Owl (2)Strix nebulosa

Black Swift (2)Cypseloides niger

Broad-billed Hummingbird (2)Cynanthus latirostris

Sky Lark (2)Alauda arvensis

Laysan Albatross (2)Phoebastria immutabilis

    Subject: Blog Post - Westport Seabirds Pelagic Trip - May 20, 2017
    Date: 23 May
    From: birder4184 AT 
    I just posted my blog post for the Westport Seabirds Pelagic Trip on Saturday May 20. Also includes some shorebirding in the area the day before and the evening afterwards. As reported by Michael Donahue, it was an intersting trip - LOTS of marine mammals. Not great numbers of Seabirds (except Red and Red Necked Phalaropes) and a very welcomed but all too short visit from a Laysan Albatross. Blog post is at - lots of photos

    Subject: Westport pelagic May 20: Laysan Albatross, Red Phalaropes, marine mammals
    Date: 21 May
    From: bfalbatross AT 
    Leaving the dock at 6 a.m., the day started with a little bit of drizzle
    and salt spray, but the sun came out as we got farther offshore. On board
    were birders from Idaho, Florida, and Ohio, along with Washington birders,
    many of whom have been out with us before. It was great to have additional
    experienced eyes.

    The following are a few highlights from the trip. A complete species list
    with number totals, and information about upcoming trips is at

    -Laysan Albatross: one buzzed by the boat as we neared our chum spot. It
    didn™t stick around but all on board got to see it.
    -Fork-tailed Storm-Petrels: as recently reported, Fork-tails were seen in
    the harbor. Seven were in the harbor and our offshore tally was eight.

    -2 Parasitic Jaeger

    -Phalaropes: both species were seen well, with 36 Red-necked and twice as
    many Red Phalaropes; almost all were in stunning breeding plumage. We had
    good views of mixed species flocks on several occasions.

    -Tufted Puffin: one sitting on the water allowed for great views and

    It was also quite a day for marine mammals!

    -73 Northern Right Whale Dolphin: great views of them bow riding and
    leaping out of the water. This was only the third time in over 80 trips
    that I™ve seen them.

    -381 Pacific White-sided Dolphin

    -150 Risso™s Dolphin

    -19 Humpback Whale

    Some photos from the day are posted on the Westport Seabirds Facebook page.

    Other spotters besides myself where Th following are the highlights seen
    today. Complete species list and number totals are available on our
    website, LaBar, Scott Mills, and Bill
    Shelmerdine, with Phil and Chris Anderson in the wheelhouse.

    Mike Donahue


    Spruce Grouse (2)Falcipennis canadensis

      Subject: RFI: Okanogan Boreal Chickadees
      Date: 18 Jun
      From: Jason.Vassallo AT 
      Hey tweets,

      I am planning to go looking for Boreal Chickadees in the Tiffany Mountain area sometime soon. I see where some people have reported them on ebird up there, but I am wondering if anyone has any secret spots, good places to look, good areas to walk around to look for them, or any other helpful information regarding this species in the area. Let me know if you do!

      Also, if anyone has any helpful information for Spruce Grouse in the area, I will gladly accept that too!


      Jason Vassallo


      Iceland Gull (2)Larus glaucoides

        Subject: gull I.D. needed
        Date: 18 Jun
        From: dlmoor2 AT 
        Hey Tweets:

        The daughter of a raptor surveyor took two good photos of what she
        believes could be an Iceland Gull feeding on a dead elephant seal, but
        since it was taken on the Long Beach peninsula last week, that seems
        highly unlikely. She would like to know what others think.

        If you are interested, I will forward the photos...about 8 mb worth.

        Dianna Moore

        Ocean Shores

        Great Gray Owl (2)Strix nebulosa

          Subject: Great Gray Owl Video
          Date: 05 Jun
          From: rohankamath88 AT 
          Hi Tweeters,
          Just wanted to share this video of the Great Gray Owl that I made over
          Memorial Day weekend.


          Rohan Kamath
          Conservation begins at HOME... We CAN make a difference...

          Black Swift (2)Cypseloides niger

            Subject: Black Swifts over Lake Sammamish
            Date: 18 Jun
            From: birder4184 AT 
            For the past hour or so, I have watched at least 6 Black Swifts flying over Bellevue near Lake Sammamish. Perfect low cloud conditions. Even got some photos. Amazing flyers.

            Subject: Black Swifts in Renton
            Date: 15 Jun
            From: schillingera AT 
            Today around 5:40pm I observed 7 Black Swifts flying very low (25 ft up) over the Cedar River near the Renton Library at Liberty Park. What a treat to see them so close!
            Amy Powell
            Renton Wa

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            Broad-billed Hummingbird (2)Cynanthus latirostris

              Subject: Anna's Hummingbird & my hair !
              Date: 19 Jun
              From: plkoyama AT 

              I can't say why it was attracted to you, but when David and I were in Portal
              AZ in April, we were at Bob Rodriguez's place (formerly Dave Jaspers') for
              the Streak-backed Oriole. When he was walking us to the bird feeding area,
              a Broad-billed Hummingbird flew up to him and proceeded to probe his nostril
              with its bill. He stood right there and let the bird go at it. He didn't
              seem shocked, but we were, so much so that we didn't ask him anything about
              it!! His nose was not red and it did not seem to have nesting material!

              Penny Koyama, Bothell
              plkoyama at comcast dot net

              -----Original Message-----
              From: Barbara Deihl
              Sent: Monday, June 19, 2017 2:08 AM
              Subject: [Tweeters] Anna's Hummingbird & my hair !

              Yesterday morning as I was looking around the yard for the source of the
              honey-sweet scent, a hummingbird drew me to it - a honeysuckle winding
              through a Japanese maple! The moment I arrived at the location of the
              flowers, out popped a hummer, heading toward my head. How did it know I was
              as intent on sipping on those little tubules as it was ? ! Was it trying to
              compete with me, OR, was it, as once happened a few years ago, attempting to
              gather up some of the soft, white wisps of my hair, to line a nest ? Or
              Anyone else have this sort of encounter with one of the little spitfires?
              I'd love to hear any tales or thoughts on the whys of it's attraction to
              me - and no, I had not applied any flowery scent to myself .
              I can't wait to try this again this morning - such a delicious and
              delightful immersion into an almost-summer morning :-)

              Barb Deihl
              Matthews Beach Neighborhood - NE Seattle

              Tweeters mailing list

              Tweeters mailing list

              Sky Lark (2)Alauda arvensis

                Subject: BirdNote - Last week & the week of June 4, 2017
                Date: 03 Jun
                From: ellenblackstone AT 
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