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Laysan Albatross (2)Phoebastria immutabilis

Sooty Grouse (2)Dendragapus fuliginosus

Pacific Golden-Plover (2)Pluvialis fulva

Iceland Gull (2)Larus glaucoides

Ancient Murrelet (2)Synthliboramphus antiquus

Black Swift (2)Cypseloides niger

Laysan Albatross (2)Phoebastria immutabilis

    Subject: August 13 Westport Seabirds Pelagic Trip - Laysan Albatross and Buller's Shearwaters
    Date: 15 Aug
    From: grevelas AT 
    Hi Tweets -

    This past Sunday, August 13th, we had another great trip with Westport Seabirds. With about 18 enthusiastic birders from near (Olympia), far (Sweden), and many points in between, we left the dock at Westport about 6 am and headed due west along our usual track toward the deep waters of Grays Canyon. Seas were confused and bumpy heading west but winds were relatively light throughout the day and we enjoyed a smooth and sunny ride home. Just outside the Jetty, we passed through about 13,000 Sooty Shearwaters, with much smaller numbers of Brown Pelicans, Heerman's Gulls, Common Murres, and a few Red-necked Phalaropes. As is typical, bird numbers dropped as we left the nearshore zone, but by 8:30 we picked up our first Black-footed Albatross, Northern Fulmars, and Pink-footed Shearwaters. A very cooperative South Polar Skua picked up off the water just ahead of the boat and flew close down the starboard side. Captain Phil then found a shrimper on the horizon and once there we picked up much better looks of both Black-foots and Pink-foots, and our first Fork-tailed Storm-Petrel of the day. Moving on to deeper water, a few Cassin's Auklets were seen, and our first of the season Buller's Shearwater flew by. We would see 11 Buller's by the end of the trip. Over the edge of the canyon, we found a Hagfish Boat processing its catch with about 75 Black-footed Albatross in its shadow, as well as more Pink-foots, Sooties, and many juvenile California Gulls, the most common gull offshore in summer. A lost juvenile Brown-headed Cowbird landed briefly on the boat. As we were about to move on, a Laysan Albatross flew up our wake and alongside the boat for all to see. This was the avian highlight of the day as we only see this species on about 5% of our August trips. Phil then took us northeast from there and straight into the mouth of the canyon as we turned for home. This extended period in deep water was birdy and we added Sabine's Gulls and one Parasitic Jaeger. As we motored smoothly back towards Westport with a tail wind, several Humpback Whales put on a show with a couple animals breaching nearby. A few Dall's Porpoise played in our wake and better looks at Red-necked Phalaropes and Fork-tailed Storm-Petrels were had. A good size ocean sunfish was also seen well. Back at the Westport Jetty, we added Surfbird and Wandering Tattler to the trip list, and in the marina, a few 100 Marbled Godwits and 1 Whimbrel were roosting on the floating docks.
    The numbers above are preliminary. The final numbers and complete species listed will be posted on Westport and on ebird. Spotters for the trip were Scott Mills, Cara Borre, and Gene Revelas. As usual Skipper Phil Anderson and Chris Anderson (deckhand, crew, ginger snap purveyor) made sure fun was had by all.
    Please check for information on upcoming trips. There are many trips scheduled in August and September, and one on October 7th, the final trip of 2017. Hope to see you out there sometime soon!

    Gene Revelas
    Olympia, WA

    Sooty Grouse (2)Dendragapus fuliginosus

      Subject: Sunrise, Mt Rainier 7/20/2017
      Date: 20 Jul
      From: cjbirdmanclark AT 
      Hello fellow tweeters!

      Today I finally went up to Sunrise, in Mt Rainier National Park, in order
      to see some nice birds and hopefully get some good photos. I was successful
      on both! To start off the good birds, a Sooty Grouse was hanging out on the
      side of the road heading up to Sunrise. This was a long overdue county bird
      for me, and I ended up getting better views of another one later! My first
      stop after getting out of the car was the picnic area. This had had some
      of the best passerine sightings anywhere around Sunrise, at least in my
      experience. And today didn't disappoint, with fantastic views of
      "Slate-colored" Fox Sparrows, including at least two juveniles! Chipping
      Sparrows were also observed in good numbers, though no juveniles were seen.

      Next I went off and made my way to Shadow Lake, where I looped up to Frozen
      Lake and back to the picnic area. On the way to Shadow Lake, Juncos were
      seen with very new young ones. Clark's Nutcrackers were seen here too,
      including one possible juvenile begging for food. Other common upland birds
      were seen, and one major highlight was a GREATER YELLOWLEGS foraging on the
      shore of Shadow Lake. This is the first ebird record of this species at the
      Sunrise hotspot, so definitely a good find. Also seen was a male Western
      Tanager, my first for Sunrise. Heading back from the Frozen Lake area 4
      Mountain Bluebirds were seen.

      For the day I had 18 bird species, and also had close encounters with
      Black-tailed Deer, Hoary Marmot, and Cascade Golden-mantled Ground
      Squirrel! Checklist can be found here :

      Christopher Clark
      Sumner, WA

      Pacific Golden-Plover (2)Pluvialis fulva

        Subject: Ruff at the Oyhut Game Range in Ocean Shores
        Date: 06 Aug
        From: chazz AT 
        Igor U. found and, in the spirit of Ruth and Patrick Sullivan showed me a female Ruff at the Game Range this afternoon. I'm not sure I would have been able to find it or identify it without Igor's help. Thanks, Igor. Also seen, two previously reported Pacific Golden-Plovers.

        Chazz Hesselein
        Port Orchard

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        Iceland Gull (2)Larus glaucoides

          Subject: Request for help from TN birder: Scrub Jay
          Date: 12 Aug
          From: jpeters AT 
          Dear Tweeters,

          I am in Seattle (Ballard) visiting my son, Nate Peters, and would like to
          see the local Scrub Jay species which would be a lifer for me since the
          recent split. This year I lost my Iceland Gull and am trying to stay
          ahead of my son on life birds at least for a couple more years!

          I would be grateful for any advice. Feel free to contact me off-line if
          you wish at

          Thank you!

          James Peters

          Ancient Murrelet (2)Synthliboramphus antiquus

            Subject: Ancient Murrelet with Fish Hein Bank
            Date: 07 Aug
            From: dpdvm AT 
            Sorry for the late entry.

            I was on a whale watching boat on Tuesday, August 2 and at 2pm over Hein
            Bank I saw an Ancient Murrelet resting on the water and holding a large fish
            in its beak. I watched the bird for 10 minutes and it made no attempt to
            swallow the fish. Possible evidence of breeding? Waiting to take the fish to
            a chick? There were many other resting alcids holding fish in the same area.

            Dave Parent, Freeland, WA

            Black Swift (2)Cypseloides niger

              Subject: Black Swifts
              Date: 30 Jul
              From: leschwitters AT 
              Five Black Swifts at 8:40 last night over Snoqualmie Falls. Stayed another 45 minutes but didn™t see them come back. Might need to be at the bottom for that.

              Larry Schwitters
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