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Pennsylvania Code 4 Birds


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European Golden-Plover (4)Pluvialis apricaria

European Golden-Plover (4)Pluvialis apricaria

    Subject: AZ-NM Trip for Eared Quetzal and European Golden-Plover----plus Pine Siskins, Northampton County!
    Date: 11 Oct
    From: becard AT 
    If interested, I posted my story with photos about my latest trip to AZ and
    NM at:

    On a more local note, I had Pine Siskins at my feeder today like many others
    have already had in the state. It will be interesting to see if they
    continue south or if they are present throughout the winter.

    Good birding,

    Dave DeReamus

    Palmer Township, Northampton County, PA

    becard -at-


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