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Long-billed Murrelet (4)Brachyramphus perdix

Long-billed Murrelet (4)Brachyramphus perdix

    Subject: probable dark murrelet sp. on Lake Washington, King Co.
    Date: 04 Jul
    From: dave.slager AT 

    This morning July 4 around 6:30am, I saw what was likely a dark *Brachyramphus
    *murrelet flying north past Magnuson Park. I was birding binocs only and it
    was fairly far out. I lost it when it was out in the direction of Juanita
    Bay, so I'm not sure if it landed or continued flying north on the lake.

    A dark murrelet on freshwater would be really interesting, because not only
    are Marbled Murrelet very rare away from saltwater, but this is also the
    time of year when Long-billed Murrelet is possible, and vagrants of that
    species sometimes show up on fresh water.

    Although I'm not positive on this sighting, I'm not really sure what else
    it would have been. Just getting the word out that it may be worth scoping
    northern Lake Washington today if you happen to be in the area.

    Good birding,
    Dave Slager

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