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Issues and Update Requests


29 October 2013
iPad linking issues
Links in the middle of pages were not clickable.
This issue has been fixed.
A change in the Facebook widget caused a transparent layer to be placed over the links, making them inaccessible.

26 November 2012
Problems with messages sent from some mobile devices
There is an encoding problem with messages sent from some mobile devices. We are aware of the issue and working on a fix.
This issue has been fixed.
Messages were coming in with two separate body parts. One was set as base64 encoding, but was not actually base64 encoded. The other was coming in with no encoding, but was actually base64 encoded. We have updated the processing script to catch and properly process these messages.

17 October 2012
Server upgraded.
Birding News was moved to a server that can better handle its high daily traffic. Messages will now post to Birding News every 5 minute.

10 September 2012
Site formatted for mobile devices.
When viewing the site on a mobile device, you will automatically view it on a fast-loading page, formatted for your device.

29 August 2012
View messages in digest form
Completed. We've now added a digest form (or "Siler-style) option for viewing the each list.

28 August 2012
Non English text
This issue has been fixed.
The Québec list (for example) is in French, and the characters are not displaying properly, rendering the messages unreadable. We are aware of this issue and working on it.

24 August 2012
Added Eastern, Central, and Western RBAs

24 August 2012
More than 15 minute posting delay
This issue has been fixed.

23 August 2012
Messages posting to the incorrect list
This issue has been fixed.

20 August 2012
Changed the "next" - "previous" message links to "Older" - Newer".

20 August 2012
Stopped scrolling animation of Twitter feed, installing "Live Feed" option.

18 August 2012
What's Hot box
We have received many requests to change how the"What's Hot" box functions, and are looking at options.

18 August 2012
Mono-space fonts
Some lists, most notably BirdHawk have content that is sent out formatted using mono-spaced type. We are aware of this issue and working on it.

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